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   "Azerbaijan Today" is an independent English-language magazine devoted to the flip-side of economic developmental daily life in Azerbaijan. Its first appearance in January 2001 as the only English magazine which so widely covers all aspects of the politics, economics and culture, and life in Azerbaijan. There are always tradeoffs in any decisions or politics implemented and what serves the interest of one group may not serve the interest of all. As the energy sector draws more and more attention, we hope to address the larger issues that are critial to the development of the entire region, without hiding its problems and difficulties. More transparency is needed in the actions of government and non-governmental organizations alike, which sometimes claim to be fully participating partners in the sustainable development of Azerbaijan.
   The independent analysis of difficult questions and breaking news is not always easy, a free media is relative and we may find ourselves sometimes having to walk a fine line. We stive to open discussions and our tongue and check manner is not for all. Business and government policy is not what it always appears. Addressing how and why will also be an integral part of our controversial mission. To address ill points, making sure that the reading public realizes that we know that it is sometimes necessary to take a strong position on an issue -- this is what we want to do - not backing away for sake of political expediency or other outside influences.
   Azerbaijan Today will aways seek the insight and perspectives of foreign and independent Azerbaijanian journalists in providing a balance to our stories and reporting. We closely cooperate with correspondents and professionals from Georgia, and Turkey to give something that has been missing from the Azeri media. This provides our readers with the widest possible perspective of the socio-economic and political processes by the comparison of different, sometimes contrary points of view, thus enabling impartial judgements on contemporary problems of our country and our region.
   "Azerbaijan Today" is a bi-monthly magazine printed in Turkey with a print-run of 3000 copies. Foreign embassies, international companies and and non-governmental organizations are among our subscribers. Copies can be found in the best hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, and also through our worldwide web-site. We are seeking to develop a regional distribution system to Georgia and Turkey.
   We are independent and function based on adversting and will always be striving to provide public relations and media access that meets the highest standards of excellence and professional standards. Articles about the activities of your organization is an integral part of our media development program. We l look forward to your continued support and are always seeking ways to improve our publication to be more responsive to our readers and community.