State Security Service: Over 14 Armenian Militants İnfiltrated Azerbaijan’s Territory

State Security Service: Over 14 Armenian Militants İnfiltrated Azerbaijan’s Territory

The preliminary investigation on the criminal case of members of the Armenian armed formations who committed terrorist provocations and other criminal acts in the territory of Azerbaijan has been completed, informs the website of the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan.

The report says that after the ceasefire was reached as a result of the trilateral agreement of November 10, the Armenian armed formations made their way into the territory of Azerbaijan by secret routes and took up positions in the wooded area northwest of Hadrut settlement of the Khojavend district. Armenian armed formations committed terrorist and sabotage actions against Azerbaijani military personnel and civilians. They were disarmed on December 13 as a result of a special operation by the State Security Service.

The investigation established that a group of persons, consisting of citizens of Armenia, illegally acquiring firearms, their components, ammunition, explosives and devices, created armed formations not provided for by law.

‘Members of these formations illegally crossed the state border of Azerbaijan on November 26-27, 2020 in organised groups, taking up combat positions in the forest and other areas of the north-western part of the Hadrut settlement of the Khojavend district, until December 13, 2020, carried out armed raids on enterprises, departments, organisations, as well as individuals located in the territory of the country, violated public safety, created a panic among the population. In order to influence decision-making by the state authorities of Azerbaijan and international organisations, explosions, fires and other terrorist acts were carried out, creating a threat of death of people, harm to their health, causing significant property damage and the onset of other socially dangerous consequences.

In connection with the above facts, members of the illegal armed group Avakyan Hrach Arzumanovich, Serobyan Gegam Samvelovich and others, 14 accused in total, were charged under articles on terrorism, possession of weapons, illegal crossing of the state border, etc.

With regard to the other accused who are members of the above-mentioned armed group, the preliminary investigation of the relevant criminal cases has been completed and the materials of the case are being reviewed,’ says the report.