Azerbaijan Increases Natural Gas Exports

Azerbaijan Increases Natural Gas Exports

From January through July this year, gas exports to foreign countries from Azerbaijan as a whole exceeded 12.061 billion cubic meters, according to the report of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) on drilling, production, processing, and export indicators in the second quarter of this year, Report informs.

This is 56.4 percent more than in the same period last year.

For the seven months of 2021, the volume of natural gas exported from Azerbaijan increased by 35.4 percent and amounted to 2.015 billion cubic meters.

Of this volume, 6.793 billion cubic meters of natural gas were exported to Turkey, and 2.561 billion cubic meters were delivered to Italy.

In addition, over the past seven months, 2.094 billion cubic meters were exported to Georgia, 344 million cubic meters to Greece, 134 million cubic meters to Bulgaria, and 132.8 million cubic meters of natural gas to Iran.

In January-July, the country exported natural gas worth $974 million to Turkey and $658 million to Italy.

Also, in January-July this year, Azerbaijan exported natural gas worth $261.7 million to Georgia, $96 million to Greece, $19 million to Bulgaria, and $5 million to Iran.