Azerbaijani Defence Ministry on Military Provocation of Armenia: 60 Soldiers Were Encircled

Azerbaijani Defence Ministry on Military Provocation of Armenia: 60 Soldiers Were Encircled

On the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border in the direction of the Lachin district of Azerbaijan, the Armenian side once again tried to commit a provocation.

As reported by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan, at noon on November 9, about 60 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia on two military trucks, moving in the direction of Lake Garagol, Lachin district, settled on the road leading to the positions of the Azerbaijani Army. In order to create a deliberate military confrontation, the Armenian side, using metal structures, blocked the way for the Azerbaijani military to the positions on this section of the border and tried to fortify in the territory.

Units of the Azerbaijani Army deployed in this direction carried out urgent measures as soon as possible, concentrating additional personnel and military equipment in this territory. As a result of the measures taken, about 60 Armenian servicemen were encircled, all their actions were limited. In the morning, taking into account the request of the Russian side, the Azerbaijani military created conditions for their return.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan declares that if such provocations are repeated in the future, the measures taken will be tougher and more effective.

The military department expresses the hope that the next shame of the Armenian army will become a lesson for it, and there will be no such provocative steps in the future.

The Azerbaijani Army has no losses of territory and personnel. Currently, the operational situation is under the full control of Azerbaijani units, the ministry said.

All responsibility for the recent events on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border lies with the military-political leadership of Armenia.