Expand the Iceland Crisis Response Unit (ICRU). In the Face of Imminent War

Expand the Iceland Crisis Response Unit (ICRU). In the Face of Imminent War

By Col (Ret) Jitendra Jung Karki, Captain (Ret) Raymond Seebald, LtCol (Ret) Gunter Chassé, Dr David Leffler 

Europe is in turmoil. The world has been shaken. Uncertainty pervades the globe in the face of the invasion of Ukraine. Yet it is said that it is darkest before the dawn. That dawn should come now, in the form of a clear demonstration that there is a systematic, reliable, effective way to create peace through peaceful means. Quietly, over many years, Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) has been effective in ending war and violence in Mozambique, Cambodia, Peru and Ecuador. With the looming global crisis, now is the time for prompt, peaceful action.

Iceland’s President Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson should take the lead in promoting true peace in global affairs by directing his Ministry for Foreign Affairs to expand its para-military civilian peacekeeping Iceland Crisis Response Unit (ICRU).The extra added personnel would form what is called in defense circles a Prevention Wing of the Military. As standard policy their civilian ICRU personnel would immediately be trained as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) experts.

This powerful brain-based IDT technology operates on the level of what physicists call the unified field of all the laws of nature – a level a thousand million million times more powerful than the nuclear force. IDT supersedes all other defense technologies. However, the IDT system cannot be used for nefarious purposes against any country. When it is deployed it creates an immediate and measurable effect of calm, order, and social harmony.

As demonstrated in numerous situations in the past, a large, organized and properly trained group of individuals deploying IDT calms national and international tensions and cuts off the roots of war – the stresses accumulating globally and between nations. Any country that deploys IDT will have a profound, positive and immediate influence on a global scale that will benefit ALL countries.

An online video, “An Important Message for All Military Leaders” by John Hagelin, a Harvard-trained Ph.D. quantum physicist, explains in detail how IDT accomplishes these goals.

What is IDT? IDT consists of large groups practicing the non-religious, evidence-based, peace-creating Transcendental Meditation® (TM) and advanced TM techniques that harness group brain power. This approach is a scientifically verified and field-tested means to defuse societal tensions. The deployment of the technology results in a super-radiance field effect that radiates orderliness and harmony in the proximity of the group and, with sufficient numbers, for the entire globe.

The high level of international tension from the Ukraine invasion could quickly escalate into a global catastrophe.

However, deployment of IDT on a large scale by training ten thousand volunteers in the ICRU will create a powerful global influence of peace and defuse the international stresses at the root of the Russia/Ukraine crisis. Past experience has confirmed that national leaders, influenced by this calming global field effect, demonstrate a new-found ability to work together to find solutions. Otherwise intractable conflicts, civil wars, and global strife, crime, and terrorism have all yielded in the past to the timely introduction of IDT into war zones and areas of social turbulence and violence. 

Extensive scientific research indicates that deployment of IDT by either a military or civilian group (such as the one being established in Cambodia: Google “Group practice of Transcendental Meditation dramatically reduced violence in Cambodia, new study shows“) can create the conditions for all people to enjoy peace. An article by Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.), Dr. David Leffler, Duncan Brown, Dr. Carla Brown, and Arlene J. Schar, titled A Humane Approach Towards Peace and published by OpEdNews, explains this peer-reviewed research in more detail and lists 19 studies conducted on IDT.

A study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Offender Rehabilitation documents the global super-radiance effect created by three large groups of IDT experts meditating twice a day in unison, with the largest group being 7,000 participants. Terrorism-related casualties decreased 72%, international conflict decreased 32%, and overall global violence was reduced.

How can such small numbers have a global effect? A simple example from the kitchen shows that when a pot is boiling over, just a few drops of cold water instantly calms the eruption.

Higher numbers of participants have been shown to produce greater results. With the world’s population currently at 7.9 billion, a group of 10,000 advanced TM meditators (representing more than the square root of 1% of the world’s population) would be able to produce profound positive effects on a global scale. If a large enough ICRU group were trained in this technique, the positive global impact would be enormous.

IDT is currently in various stages of local deployment in many nations worldwide. Given the powerful evidence demonstrating the ability of IDT to create peace through peaceful means, we call on the intelligence, foresight and courage of President Jóhannesson to now deploy a large, fully operational IDT group capable of creating a positive impact for the entire global family, eliminating the threat of nuclear war that now hangs over humanity. (See Google search on “New Solution for Latin America: Transforming Lives and Changing Nations.”)

Economically, this approach is highly cost effective: less than the cost of 2-3 modern fighter jets. And along with the influence of peace comes the influence of prosperity, as past deployments have demonstrated.

Traditionally, peacekeepers are highly disciplined and bring much needed organization to disrupted societies. By assembling the world’s first globally targeted IDT group, President Jóhannesson has the strategic opportunity to bring honor to Iceland and to foster permanent world peace – a lasting boon for all humankind. The Nobel Peace Prize and the gratitude of all humanity awaits him who brings perpetual peace to our troubled planet.

We encourage President Jóhannesson to act without delay. As the great leader of Iceland, you have the ability and responsibility to establish and deploy IDT now. History will record you as a visionary leader. And with your prompt action, a new world of peace, prosperity, and plenty will be assured for all generations to come.

About the Authors:

Col. (Ret.) Jitendra Jung Karki was the Liaison Officer at “Sainik Awashiya Mahavidhyalaya,” Army Residential High school of Nepal before his retirement from the Nepal army. Previously he served as commanding officer of Shreenath Battalion. Karki now lives in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. Karki has a master’s degree in public administration and is a graduate of the Nepalese Army Command and Staff College. He commanded an independent company in Nepal during the insurgency period from 2004-06. Col. Karki received five UN medals and participated in five UN peacekeeping missions: UNIFIL: United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, ONUB: United Nations Operation in Burundi, UNAMSIL: United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, MONUC – United Nations Mission DR Congo (2 times). Col. Karki successfully applied Invincible Defense Technology for sustainable peace while serving in the UN mission in DR Congo. He is an alumnus of The Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies at National Defense University, Washington DC, USA. NESA promotes itself as “the preeminent U.S. Government institution for building relationships and understanding in the NESA region.”

Captain Raymond E. Seebald, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.) During his 26 years of service as a recognized expert in the fields of maritime port safety and environmental preparedness, prevention and response, Capt. Seebald’s achievements include the establishment of a new United Nations office in Curacao, where he developed national contingency plans for the countries and islands comprising the wider Caribbean. Seebald served a military aide to President Ronald W. Reagan and President George H. Bush while assigned to White House duty from 1986-1990. Captain Seebald served as a consultant to the Panama Canal in 1999 and 2000 during the sensitive transfer of the Canal to Panama. As Captain of the Port in Chicago, Illinois, and Savannah, Georgia, and Alternate Captain of the Port in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he was responsible for the development and deployment of more restrictive post-9/11 vessel and port facility security requirements for both the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. Seebald graduated from the USCGA in 1977 and is one of eight siblings that all served in the United States Coast Guard. Capt. Seebald continues to safeguard Maritime Security interests in the United States as an advisor and consultant for the preeminent Maritime Security firm in the United States. Seebald coauthored an editorial published by The Day about Invincible Defense Technology. The Day is published in New London, Connecticut USA, which is the home to the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). In 2012 Seebald spoke about Invincible Defense Technology during the second Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) at the Seoul Press Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gunter Chassé – decorated with the Honorary Cross of the Bundeswehr in Gold – served in the German Air Force mainly in the Integrated NATO-Air Defense and alternately in command and staff positions, and also was employed in Home Defense with territorial tasks. He is the author of the pioneering IDT alternative white paper On the New Security and Defence Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Future of the Bundeswehr: Indomitable Strength through a PREVENTION WING of the Military.

Dr. David Leffler has a Ph.D. in Consciousness-Based Military Defense and has served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) and lectures and writes worldwide about IDT. Dr. Leffler’s editorial “Creating an Invincible Military” was featured in Fox News. He is available on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.