Formation of Ukraine’s Image in the Media

Formation of Ukraine’s Image in the Media

By Chekalyuk Veronika, Ph.D. in Social Communications, Associate Professor of the Department of National University of Bioresources and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

The system of social communications is in the evolutionary stage, the classical notions of imageology, journalism went beyond the traditional interpretation of them. Undoubtedly, journalism directly affects the quality of the image of the object, the professionalism of media workers depends on how certain information will be perceived by the public. Today the main task of the media – high-quality, efficient, highly professional communication.

Modern society has now pervasive through the Internet receives any information from anywhere in the world almost instantaneously, so adaptation in the world of communications – a necessary condition for the full life of the individual. How effective are the efforts to create an image depends on the competence of the image maker, the team and the object of creating the image (leader).

It is about reputation, character, biography, profession, diplomatic and communication qualities that help to move forward confidently. Also important is the correct slogan that corresponds to the form and content.

We offer a professional graphic with a description of the professional and functional responsibilities of image-maker. It was created on the basis of practical experience and theoretical work of scientists and experts. The work of image-maker is not primarily a highly professional work, where there is a place for healthy imagination, assumptions and a little imagination, and all this is argued with facts, author’s thoughts, and judgments. Occasionally it is necessary to look at the situation detached, evaluating the correctness of its steps. If you step through moral principles, do not expect someone to regret you.

Professional qualities of (effective) successful image maker:


In the formation of the image it is necessary to find a feature, extraordinaryness, a certain uniqueness, an advantage of the object (subject) of the image, which distinguishes it among others. The further task of imagemaker is to develop positive characteristics inherent in nature; shaping the image, leadership characteristics, focusing on those data that are inherent to the image of the object. Without taking into account individual personal characteristics, the process of image building can not be productive.

The main provisions presented contain elements of novelty in accordance with the evolution of social needs and the globalization of the information and media environment.

Based on research and case studies of our own image lab, we summarize: the image created by journalists and image-makers – a media image, based on the strengths of the object and masking the weak characteristics. Analyzing the information space, references to Ukraine since 1991 by 2021, we note the tendency to strengthen the international community’s commitment to Ukraine, the news about it appear on the front lines of world tabloids, as a result of which the flow of various initiatives from abroad has intensified, new opportunities for Ukrainians are opening up.

We propose to consider active social network users not as professionals, but mostly as those who provide an additional source of information, a deeper, comprehensive understanding of the problem. Their thoughts and judgments can be used as feedback – a reaction to journalistic material. The Internet provides an opportunity to discuss and verify information published by journalists in the media. Social networks have many points of view on understanding the material. You can quickly disseminate information with help of reader. Social media together with media is an effective tool for image building. Equipped with smartphones and gadgets, citizens are the target audience for disseminating information. The main disadvantage of social networks is the insecurity of information, in the process of dissemination it can change meaningfully to unknowingness.

The growing demand for creating an attractive image has created a new profession – image maker. This is a specialist in designing the image of an object or subject, business and political, cultural and artistic processes, business and political structures. XXI century gave a generation of image-maker scientists and public figures of a new formation which cannot run a state system without professional skills.

Economic and political success of the country largely depends on the professionalism of image makers, which in this context can be called innovators and inventors, after establishing a reputation, influence and appropriate for the audience, building inter effective multidisciplinary communications, effective projects – a new technology, new scientifically proven tool for achievement of the goal. In order to strengthen the rating of the state in the media, we propose paying attention to the image-making specialists to those factors that influence the positioning of Ukraine in the world, in particular, the activity of opinion leaders – the first people of the country, which we consider an integral part of the image of the state. in the formation of the image is important word, an account in social media, (reputation) of each person.