The UN Security Council Meeting Fails Miserably for Armenia

The UN Security Council Meeting Fails Miserably for Armenia

It was obvious that the plan to “attack” Azerbaijan from different directions with the support of Armenia’s patrons would be unsuccessful, Azerbaijan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Yashar Aliyev said, Trend reports.

Despite the fact that trucks belonging to Armenia were waiting in positions at the beginning of the Lachin road, separatists in Karabakh transported military equipment from one point to another, dug trenches, held “protest actions” initiated by the Armenian diaspora in different countries, and distributed provocative statements and appeals from pro-Armenian congressmen. These provocations led to the fact that the discussions organized in the UN Security Council were aimed at forcing Baku to retreat.

The goal of Armenia and its patrons, who developed an action plan on the topic “how can we force Azerbaijan to take a step back”, was to incite the Armenians to another confrontation with Azerbaijan and suffer losses. But Azerbaijan once again, both on the battlefield and in the diplomatic sphere, managed to surpass the Armenians and Armenian protectors.

In addition, Azerbaijan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Yashar Aliyev, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council, managed to put all of Armenia and pro-Armenian Western diplomacy before the facts.

He responded with facts to the provocative speech and the unfounded claims of the Armenian foreign minister and showed the world community who was right. At the meeting, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan stated without any reason that “hunger is an invisible weapon of genocide, and if measures are not taken, the Armenians in Karabakh will be destroyed.” However, the facts announced by Yashar Aliyev put him in a helpless position.

In particular, Azerbaijan’s permanent representative to the UN proved to Mirzoyan with facts collected from the social network that Armenians in Karabakh do not suffer from hunger. Therefore, the political power of Armenia returned from a foreign trip having suffered another fiasco.

This event has gone down in history as the “night of proof of dishonesty” not only of Yerevan but also of France, Iran, and other anti-Turkic states. In fact, Armenia and France are used to failure these days. This is the second collapse in France and Armenia. There was an attempt to raise this issue in the UN Security Council in December last year. As a result, in both cases, these attempts were unsuccessful.

The “Lachin Evening” at the UN Security Council was not actually organized to show concern for the fate of the Armenian residents of Karabakh. Foreign forces, including countries that want to enter the region through Armenia, are trying to change the geopolitical order, using this issue to achieve their intentions faster. However, as Azerbaijan has stated from the first day, it will take the necessary steps against any step by any foreign force that will threaten the territorial integrity, security, and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan did so.

According to Yashar Aliyev, if Armenia really thought about the ordinary residents of the region, then it would never object to the delivery of goods to the Karabakh region along the Aghdam-Khankendi road. This road is connected to one of Azerbaijan’s main transport routes, the highway known as the Silk Road or M2, which provides reliable links to international markets. Compared to the 59-kilometer Lachin-Khankendi road, which runs through mountain serpentines, the length of this road between Aghdam and Khankendi is only 18 km. Today, as part of a trip to Aghdam, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan, including the office of the UN Resident Coordinator and other UN structures, witnessed the functioning of the road and its readiness for the transport of goods.

Yashar Aliyev responded to the accusations against Azerbaijan regarding the “famine” of the Armenian residents of Karabakh with photos and facts. At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Azerbaijan showed the opponents its fair position.

Yashar Aliyev presented photo facts to those who protected Armenians. Baku managed to win against the opponent at the table with patience and restraint at the UN Security Council meeting. Photos of weddings, birthdays, and concerts held in Khankendi by Armenian residents allegedly living under the conditions of the “blockade” presented as evidence in the meeting room revealed the lies of the opponents.

As a result, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council convened by Armenia on the situation in Karabakh with the issue of “famine” ended without a result.

Moreover, Baku used all its opportunities to present Armenia to the world community as a hypocritical, manipulative, and aggressive country. If the heavy defeat they faced in the Second Karabakh War did not make the Armenian army smarter, then the results of the meeting organized by Armenia’s own initiative in the UN Security Council should make them think. The Armenian authorities, lobbying organizations, and protectors, who are unwilling to accept today’s reality and think that they will achieve something by putting pressure on Azerbaijan, should realize that Yerevan may face an even greater fiasco.

“In addition, they should be responsible for the provocations committed, including attempts by separatist troops to dig new trenches and build positions on the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan. Another heavy defeat for Armenia and its so-called regime may happen on the battlefield. Therefore, the surest way for Armenians is to agree to use the Aghdam-Khankendi road, as Azerbaijan suggests. The peace and reintegration of Karabakh Armenians into Azerbaijan depend on this,” said Yashar Aliyev.